Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenagers

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenagers



In this article I am going to explore some of the new and exciting personalised gifts that are suitable for teenagers and available to purchase online. Personalised gifts have come a long way in  recent years and with technology getting better and better – so do personalised gifts. That said teenagers can be very awkward to buy for, so to help you out I have been scouring the internet to find some unique and imaginative gift ideas.

From spoof magazines and newspapers to personalised posters – I have hand selected five individual gifts that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and take your gift giving skills to new heights! Top 5

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers

  1. Britain’s Next Top Model – Spoof Magazine

If you have a teenage daughter that dreams of becoming Great Britain’s next top model, then this gift is perfect. Now she can boast to her friends and provide very realistic evidence! I would recommend having it framed to ensure that the spoof newspaper cover is kept nice and neat. I reckon it would look super cool on her bedroom wall!

  1. Video Gamer of the Year – Spoof Magazine

If you have a son, daughter, brother or sister who is constantly playing video games and fancies themselves as a bit of a gaming expert then this spoof newspaper gift is ideal! Maybe they will stop playing so much now that they are officially the best video gamer of the year, but then again I doubt it! Definitely consider having this one framed!

  1. Football Club Prints – Framed Dressing Room Print

Got a football fan in the family? This gift would be a real treat. Football fans often dream of playing for their favourite team. For some the dream comes true, but for most of us it will never happen. However, you can still give them a taste of success with this framed football print of the player’s shirts hanging in the dressing room. They will be shocked to see their own name on the back of one of the shirts, lined up next to their heroes!

  1. Personalised Stig Posters – The Real Stig

Who is the stig? Nobody really knows. What I know is that he is the ultimate driving hero amongst many teenagers so how cool would it be to get your son a personalised stig poster revealing them as the real stig!

  1. Xtreme Sports – Personalised Calendar

Integrate their name seamlessly into the 12 stunning images of extreme sports. From mountain biking to serious snowboarding this calendar has definitely got the adrenaline factor! If your teenage recipient tends to be forgetful, you can add up to 20 dates that will fill the calendar.



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