Negative Effects of Clearing Land on Green Living  

Negative Effects of Clearing Land on Green Living  

There is a wide spread concern among modern day societies that the land available worldwide for feeding the population is insufficient for our needs. This is due to the fact of urbanization (people moving into the cities) and land cleared for economic development     Land clearing Melbourne    in large cities. The following are some of the negative impacts land clearing has on a green way of living.

Economic Development

Soil erosion occurs when you clear land for economic development such as commercial properties or large housing projects. You strip away the natural vegetation that prevents the wind and rains from washing away the soils and are left with barren fields occupied only by concrete monstrosities.

Loss of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is essential to the growth of plants and foliage. Plants and foliage produce oxygen as they grow. When you clear land, you lose vegetation that produces the worlds breathing supply. Until we can adapt to living without oxygen we may want to stop eliminating the source of the air we breathe.

Increased Waste in Landfills

As the population grows in large urban areas due to the building of large housing projects, the amount of waste that has to be disposed of in landfills also increases. Eliminating waste by composting will also decrease, which is the green way to dispose of waste.


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