How to Start a Purse Party Business – The Keys to Success

How to Start a Purse Party Business – The Keys to Success

Starting a purse party business is an especially great way to make an income working from home. Unlike other home-based party businesses that have a fixed catalog of items to choose from, a purse party business consultant gets to decide exactly what kinds   Rubai internetu of purses she offers for sale based on her own personal tastes and the types of guests she expects at the party.

If you are interested in starting a purse party business, here are the key points to consider and some tips that will help you succeed:

Be Familiar With Your Party-Goers

The purses sold at a designer purse party business can be designer bags, look-alike designer purses, or brand name and fashion purses and handbags. Which types of purses you actually promote via your purse party business is determined by the actual consumers attending your purse party. If attending party-goers only buy expensive designer and exclusive brand name accessories, you would most likely not provide inexpensive generic handbags. If you are ever unclear about just what attendees desire, it’s wise to offer a number of designer, brand name and trendy, less costly purses.

Solid Distributors and Drop Shippers

A key factor in building a flourishing home purse party business is finding reputable distributors. Due to the nature of the purse party business, you’ll need to seek out wholesale suppliers in the following categories:

* Designer purses

* Reproduction designer purses and handbags

* Brand name handbags

* Trendy purses

Merchandise suppliers are the foundation of a home party business. Clientele pay up front for their orders so you’ll want to track down suppliers who supply by the due date. In addition to dependable wholesale distributors, you will definitely also want to choose wholesale drop shippers and liquidators who offer for sale purses and relevant fashion accessories.


One benefit to a purse party business is that your initial investment can be very small and you can grow your inventory gradually as your business develops. Having an inventory of hands-on sample purses and handbags with you at the party will get invitees engaged and energized about your merchandise. To help keep things interesting, you could present select samples for purchase to be taken home that day. Having said that, don’t sell off all your samples. Solicit orders that will be delivered after the party is over. This creates an additional opportunity for customer contact and the possibility of hosting yet another party.

Inviting Party-Goers

When just starting out with your business, you’ll have to hold your first party yourself. Invite good friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members. If you know lots of people, you can even host more than one party for the reason that small, more intimate purse parties usually work best.

Planning Your Party

Holding a purse party yourself will provide you with upfront practical experience in exactly how to plan a profitable event. Make a list of things to do. This checklist may be expanded as your home business gets bigger and you realize just what works out best for you. Here is a good example:


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