Wooden Boat Designs and Boat Plans on Line For the “Average Joe”

Wooden Boat Designs and Boat Plans on Line For the “Average Joe”

There is something about being out on the water that we all crave Maybe, it’s the sound of the waves hitting the side of your boat or the rocking motion when you are on the water. If you have been looking for a quality small boat plan the choices can seem   ecommerce return services singapore


As long as their have been people on the face of the earth we have been drawn to oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. What makes us that way? Nations used to fight battles with other nations on the high seas. A superior navy was a sign of superiority. That still hasn’t changed. Doesn’t it seem kind of silly in a way when you think about it?

What can the “Average Joe” do if he isn’t able to purchase a $20,000 water craft? You can’t blame the guy for wanting his own “armada” too. That’s simple…build your own boat!

A lot of people feel intimidated when they start thinking about a project of this scale. They just don’t feel like they have the skills or abilities to pull it off. Nothing could be further from the truth these days. You can find some simple boat plans online that will walk you through the process every step of the way.

One of the most versatile boats ever conceived is called a dory. You might not have heard of them but they have been around for thousands of years. They have actually been traced as far back as 300 A.D. when they were used on the Arabian Sea.

The earliest models were built on the banks of the Douro River in Northern Spain and Portugal. They were adapted to fishing and commonly found all over Europe, Iceland and Newfoundland. You can still find them being used for fishing in Nova Scotia, Maine, New Brunswick Quebec and Prince Edward Island.

Why is the dory boat the preferred choice for so many people? Quite frankly, it is one of the most versatile boats ever conceived. Dories can carry a heavy load for their size. They are normally 15 to 22 feet in length. Their ease of rowing and sturdiness in the water make them even more practical

The flat bottom of the boat, simplicity of design and hull shape make the dory an even more attractive boat to consider. The boats do tend to “roll” a little bit but recover very nicely when they get to their tipping point. Fishermen love them because of their “stealthiness”. A wooden boat by nature absorbs a lot of the sound in the water.


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