How Is A Translator Trained?  

How Is A Translator Trained?  

Anywhere in US whether in Seattle (Washington) or Bellevue (Washington) as per the current state of affairs in the translation industry, the academic value of a translator is valued however, it is hardly considered. But it is normally seen that those who have academic qualifications find it easier to enter the market and can also command higher    u haul Tukwila  salaries. With such degrees it is also easy for them to advance to the corporate setting faster.

Since the time of the School of Scribes in ancient Egypt, the basic approach of academic qualifications for translators has remained unchanged. Students are provided with short texts to translate which are then checked by the teachers. Then the translations are discussed in details in the class between the teacher and the students. Average length of the texts may vary from 500 to 1000 words per week; however, the subject may change ranging from business and financial to legal or even medical. In some cases the students have to translate into and out of their native language while others may opt to translate in their native language only.

Academic training of a translator very rarely includes any theoretical work. This could mainly be due to the lack of proper materials given to the students. These types of training are limited completely to matters pertaining to terminology development and research, term or glossary database maintenance and design, and different computer technologies. Training for a translator also rarely includes content courses on law, computer science or medicine.

Students from numerous US cities like Seattle (Washington) and Tukwila (Washington) are provided plenty of time to practice short translations, analyze these assignments in detail, and finally discuss the nature of their assignments. In the last stage they especially discuss the errors which were committed by them. This type of training for future translators is a responsible task for teachers and the latter are responsible for selecting the texts based on the latest information of what the translation industry is being asked to do.


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