How to Plant a Pool

How to Plant a Pool


Planting is probably the most important part in establishing your pool and it is often the most neglected. A pool cannot be successful without a full complement of aquatic plants, an under planted pool will usually remain green or cloudy unless you invest in a biological filtration with an ultra violet clarifier, without which, makes it difficult   درختچه کامکوات – درخت کامکوات – گیاه کامکوات  to see your fish except when they are near to the surface.

Pools should be planted when the plants are in their growing season, which is normally from late March to the end of September. If the pool has been filled with tap water then allow this to stand for a few days to allow Chlorine and other chemicals to disperse. It is important that the aquatic plants be given at least three weeks to establish before introducing any fish.

Water plants should be planted in open sided baskets; except for water lily tubs, which are generally solid. The baskets should first be lined with basket liners to prevent soil erosion then filled to within 1″ of the rim with Stapeley’s own aquatic soil, which has at least 60% clay content. The intended plant should be trimmed if necessary, a hole is made in the middle of the soil with your hand and the plant placed in the soil so that the top of the soil of the plant is the same level as in the basket, firm the soil around the plant and push a couple of plant food tablets deep into the soil. Trim the excess basket liner then top of the soil with well washed aquatic gravel, this will help to prevent the fish from digging into the soil.

To help with selecting which basket to purchase, refer to this chart below.

o Mini round-1 small marginal or 5 bunches of oxygenators

o Mini square- 1 small marginal or 5 bunches of oxygenators

o Medium round- 1 marginal, 10 bunches of oxygenators or 1 small water lily

o Small square- 1 marginals, 10 bunches of oxygenators or 1 small water lily

o Medium square- 1 or 2 marginals, 10 bunches of oxygenators or 1 small water lily

o Large square- 1 or 2 marginals, 15 bunches of oxygenators or 1 medium water lily

o Contour- 1-3 marginals or 15 bunches of oxygenators

o Lily tub- 1-3 larger marginals, 20 bunches of oxygenators or 1 medium or vigorous water lily

o Jumbo lily tub- 50-100 bunches of oxygenators or 1 vigorous water lily

The basket/tub should be placed into the pool in accordance to the type of plant it is (further details will be given later on). Avoid placing any plant basket too near moving water as the soil could be eroded and avoid putting lilies where fountains can splash them. Marginal plants look better in bold groups rather than individually, with the taller ones near the back of the pool and the lower growing ones near to the front.

It is difficult to give exact numbers of plants required for your pool, however, a guide to plant numbers can be found at the appropriate plant section.


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