FIFA 11 Xbox 360 Game Review
FIFA 11 Xbox 360 Game Review

Enthusiasts of FIFA 10 ought to tune in up in light of the fact that EA games has figured out how to fix something that wasn't poor and have now created perhaps the best soccer match that I have at any point played. FIFA soccer 11 has disposed of a considerable lot of the irritating pieces of FIFA 10 and has added new highlights which will keep you occupied for the a long time.

FIFA 11 has controls which are responsive and exact. The players additionally move around with no issues and the shooting is genuinely exact, one disillusionment I have with the shooting anyway is that in light of the steady groaning by numerous gamers of how compelling the chip shot was on FIFA 10 its presently been made a pretty repetitive shot that is currently not precise.

The game play will take a touch of becoming acclimated to and first and foremost I thought that it was difficult to score in light of the fact that the protectors are a lot harder to get passed than past games. I additionally tracked down that the resistances assaulting plays weren't just about as great as they didn't will in general make numerous runs. This prompted the majority of my starting matches winding up 0-0 draws.

When you do become acclimated to the game however you will begin to appreciate the game more and scoring objectives shouldn't be an issue. สี่ เซียน วิเคราะห์ บอล I think it took me an entire season on vocation mode before I really scored from a free kick and a corner. After that point I wound up scoring them frequently, so I believe it's a matter of simply becoming accustomed to the strategies being utilized and how to execute them effectively.

One of the primary benefits of FIFA over its rivals is that it has authorized group names and players. You will actually want to choose your #1 groups with your #1 players and respect the quality that goes into making them so exact. There are additionally many groups to browse and you can play as the enormous family named groups or little groups that not very many have known about.

Something that I disdain with most sporting events is the group and the manner in which they look. FIFA soccer 11 doesn't get this correct like numerous different games and the group all appear to dress something similar and stand up and plunk down during a similar time. This is just a little grumbling yet on the off chance that so numerous games can make brilliant and frequently awesome computer game foundations at that point i'm certain EA games can invest a tad of energy in while making the group.

FIFA Soccer 11 isn't wonderful using any and all means, yet it is the best soccer match that I have at any point played and assuming our uncertain which soccer match to get, get this one.

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