Youth Football the Texas Tech Mike Leach Way
Youth Football the Texas Tech Mike Leach Way

many of you in all likelihood watched that extraordinary Texas Tech-Texas recreation Saturday evening like I did. The sheer leisure fee of the sport on my own changed into worth the time investment, with Michael Crabtree scoring the prevailing landing on a interesting play with simply 1 2d left at the clock. Mike Leach is a story unto itself, without a doubt a man that follows the beat of a distinct drummer. at the Texas aspect of the ball, athletes abound and Mack Brown is a true gentleman, a present day statesman of the game.

The adolescents football Lesson on this

As teens soccer coaches what can we learn from coach Leach? First let's search for a second at instruct Leach's background. apart from 12 months of sitting on the bench of his excessive college football group as a Junior, he in no way played organized football. He were given his Bachelors at BYU after which his regulation diploma from Pepperdine. At age 25, married, along with his second baby on the manner he comes to a decision he wants to be a college football train. Yeah right, After stops at university of the barren region, Cal Poly, Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta state, Finland and Kentucky he's now the head train of Texas Tech, not awful for a self described "Christian with extreme obedience problems". He seems to observe matters from a slightly exclusive angle, perhaps even a type of an "outsiders" point of view.

He has collected a seventy four-37 record at a school that not often, no permit's rephrase that, in no way gets the pinnacle tier or maybe 2d tier expertise within the kingdom of Texas. those gamers are reserved for Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. those youngsters visit the large money, big stadium, big lifestyle faculties, not to Texas Tech and it is tiny 57.000 seat stadium with a masked pirate Zorro mascot. simply getting to Lubbock is a primary task, like some thing out of 1 of these "lifeless quarter" classified ads, the vicinity not one of the huge 12 Media crews savour going.

Leach does it with quarterbacks no person else wishes, 6 foot youngsters with gives to just Tech and maybe a mid important faculty. He has began some of quarterbacks for just one season, many being 5th 12 months seniors like BJ Symons, who surpassed for fifty two touchdowns in his best 12 months as a starter. the subsequent season Symons become replaced by way of some other 5th yr senior, Sonny Cumbie, who exceeded for four.742 yards, the sixth great in NCAA history. This season Cody Hodges a 5th 12 months senior with four years of bench sitting experience is main Tech's quest for it is first ever big 12 name and even a shot on the countrywide Championship.

Now what does this all mean to us youth soccer coaches?

The Leach system

ยูฟ่าเบท777 Mike Leach noticed when he came to Texas Tech, that there has been no manner he could ever be capable of suit up with Texas, Oklahoma, A&M and the massive boys by doing greater of what they had been doing. He changed into usually going to ought to settle for the second one and third tier players. He centered on bringing in rapid, smart kids that had been perhaps a chunk undersized or peculiar fashioned, children that maybe failed to seem like football gamers. virtually former bag of bones quarterback Kliff Kingsbury suit that mold. He gave the look of he could need weights in his footwear to hold him down when the stiff winds of West Texas blew around Lubbock. indexed at 175 pounds, this weight wide variety was about as correct because the weight indexed on a forty five 12 months vintage female's drivers license. Tech strolling again Taurean Henderson appeared extra like a thin Munchkin from the Wizard of ozwith truly awful hair than a big 12 walking returned.

How do you win with expertise like this? i'm sure that's what Leach requested himself 10 years ago when he commenced at Tech,

this is What He Did:

He widened the offensive line splits, so his diminutive quarterbacks would have lanes they could see and throw via in addition to to make the rims so far outdoor that his quarterbacks might have more time against the wonderful athleticism many large 12 protecting Ends have. Over the path of a recreation the ones long pass rushes tire out those big protective ends so via the fourth quarter his quarterbacks have all day to throw. The offensive line splits vary dramatically from three to 9 feet. This additionally gave his smaller offensive linemen first-class angles for those big defensive linemen aligned within the gaps.

He dedicated to passing the ball first, with maximum seasons averaging over 55 throws in line with recreation.

He committed to throwing the ball with only some ideas, All Curl, four Verticals, Y-Stick, Shallow, Bubble monitors and Mesh, The laminated play card for his quarterback had just 26 offensive plays on it for the Texas game. coach Leach does no longer have a huge play card full of hundreds of performs and down and distance cloth, he has a easy piece of non laminated paper generally folded up into fourths, like a few type of crumpled up crib sheet, with about 30 performs on it. If a play works he writes an O subsequent to it and runs it again, if it fails he writes an X next to it and would not . in the Texas game, All Curl should have had an O subsequent to it due to the fact he threw it least 5 times.

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